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Our Foster Pups

When we can, we foster dogs from the Franklin County dog shelter for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we foster very young puppies who need a place to stay before they are eligible to be spayed/neutered. We also foster pups who are not doing well in a shelter environment.

Since Katie, we fostered two more puppies until they were old enough to be altered. They were adopted the day after their surgery!


Roscoe was our very first foster has an AWESOME home. Roscoe stopped over for a day visit not too long ago. We love the fact that we stay in touch with Roscoe’s new family.

Peanut and Champ came to us at three weeks old; they were orphaned. We bottle fed them and made sure they got what every orphaned pup needs, including tons of snuggles and kisses. They now have AWESOME homes and we too keep in touch with their new families.

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