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Why People Like Us

“Hi, my name’s Ernie.  I wanted to tell you what I’ve been doing on vacation while visiting Jen and Rick.  I always have to go there, you know, when my humans go somewhere I’m not allowed…can you imagine!!  It’s OK, though.  I hate those highway rest stops.  It’s so unsanitary it’s hard to find a decent spot to pee and you never know who’s been there. Jen and Rick really spoil me.  I get lots of hugs and kisses and can relax on my favorite couch cushion without getting “shushed.”  I eat the food I like and it’s pretty easy to con her out of a treat or two.  Hey, I’m on vacation, who’s counting kibbles.  I take her on walks a couple times a day so I can check out the local talent if you know what I mean.  When I got in the car for the ride home my humans were smiling like a couple Cheshire cats I know who live down the street…something about how great the price was for me to keep Jen and Rick company for a few days.  I hope I’ll be able to do it again and I can’t wait.” – Love, Ernie the Yorkie and Shih Tzu mix

“I had the best time hanging out with Milton while receiving all the attention I could ever want in a place that was not my home. Pictures via text of me relaxing oh so comfortably at the Belisle “estate” were sent to my owners to let them know how much fun I was having. Thank you Jen and Rick!” – Jack, the Greyhound

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