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Meet Rick and Jen

Our name, For The Paws, LLC, was carefully chosen because it was important for us to convey that everything we do is for our furry friends. We foster, we advocate, and now we hope to make a living……..a life. We are for the cause and “for the paws.” Let’s chat soon!

A bit about Jen

  • I’ve been volunteering with animal shelters and rescue organizations since high school. My 20 year reunion was back in 2009 (eek); hey, we still have tons of years ahead of us to work with you.
  • Growing up in California, the neighborhood kids always stopped at our house first when they got a new pup.
  • I currently volunteer with the Franklin County Dog Shelter doing a variety of things. We foster dogs when we are able, we participate in their Summer Enrichment program, we help when they need people for adoptions, we walk dogs, and we just were trained on how to bathe/light grooming.
  • I created the Pet Collaboration Project, which is currently an inactive site, but a good idea. Maybe someday.
  • I have a masters degree in counseling and hope to offer group sessions for people who lost a pet and/or who are in the process of making a very difficult decision.
  • My goal is to take our dogs, Milton and Katie, to most parks in the state of Ohio. We love AW Marion; it has a great 5 mile hiking loop.
  • I give a huge shout-out to the new dog park in Worthington. Check it out.
  • I’d choose a comedy over any other type of movie and cannot wait for the new Anchorman movie to come out.
  • I tried to start a dog-walking group in my neighborhood and didn’t get any responses. Bummer. It’s just Milton, Katie and I at 6:45 am enjoying the peacefulness of the morning. Your dog could be walking with us too. Wink wink! In addition to all day activity inside and in our fenced in backyard we take your pooch on one leashed walk per day.

A bit about Rick

Coming Soon! He is pondering a few items.

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